Sister Shows Sad Brother Her Secret Place

Published on May 11, 2017 by ThePornHD

You find yourself crying in front of your sister over your latest romantic attempt (which ended before it began). Somehow you know you are destined to be alone. It isn’t that you couldn’t find a nice attractive girl. It is just that the only girl you have ever wanted could never want you back. The sweetest, most perfect woman you’ve ever known is sitting across from you watching you cry, Your sister is the love you will never have.Except, her hand is on your leg and lingering. She sees you seeing and the hand is gone. Nothing. It couldn’t be anything but coincidental concern. Her voice is soft. It is nice to imagine something else but the truth is she couldn’t want you. Then she stares a welcoming stare and invites you to see her secret place. Could this be real? Is this the night your dreams come true?
You arrive where she asked at 5am, promptly… but she is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, a voice from nowhere, and she is spiriting you away into a tucked-away loft space. You huddle together, sharing secrets. Then your sister– the most beautiful, sweet woman you’ve ever known — is laying on her back telling you that she knows how you feel and that she feels the same. Shy touches blossom into your very first fuck at the conclusion of “Sister Shows Sad Brother Her Secret Place.

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